Unusual designs will often appeal to a small customer base. This is why we orientate our standard program to classical forms and dimensions from furniture shops. In addition to that, we design and produce unique pieces or implement design proposals of our customers.


Our furniture does not come from a usual production line, and we don’t produce in stock. This is why our customers can take advantage of real craftsmanship, targeted professional advice as well as allowance of individual needs and high quality in execution. No mass production also allows even shorter delivery times.


To integrate a piece of living nature into our customer`s everyday live, is our claim. Wood is a noble living material. This means, working with it is different every time and often with a surprisingly outcome. This liveliness requires a lot of sure instincts in order to obtain something special from this noble raw material.

Products & Service
Metal-free solid wood beds
Solid wood furniture for living- and bedrooms
Designer furniture in natural wood
Individual custom made to measure
High class joinery for individual living


Six generations of master carpenters and over 130 years of family history is a long time to get intensively in touch with wood. Karl Weyrauch, that took his father´s profession, founded the first cabinetmaker´s trade. His son and grandson Ernst and Walter worked together as Ralf and Torsten Weyrauch do it today. The production in a traditional business has changed, it is more modern, but still with wood.

ExpeRience wood - The creation of our logo

It took us a long time to find a fitting logo for our cabinetmaker´s workshop. But one thing was set from the beginning – we wanted tradition, regional affinity and the love for living materials -wood- in our logo. “By the way” we had to connect our name “Tischlerei Weyrauch” and our shop „Bettenmaster“.
Almost impossible – we thought at first. But a little „Brainstorming“and a few glasses of whine later we started to get a feel for it. And what does the Thuringian, in a good mood- he sings … and sometimes it´s the “Rennsteiglied”…
There was the connection. The capital “R” in our German slogan “Holz “R” leben”. This translates loosely “Experience wood” or “Living through the wood”. The “R” –Sign describes the well-known Thuringian hiking trail on the heights of the Thuringian forest, for us Thuringian a sign of solidarity and tradition as well as a part of all the words we wanted to combine:
eRleben – TischleRei – WeyRauch – BettenmasteR
Our logo ...
The form of a leaf that stands for the forest in which our “wood” grows, combined with the “R” and the term “life” for the vibrancy of our used materials
... it just feels good to us.


Custom made products are one of our everyday work. A lot of furniture pieces are produced to customer requirements. Even pieces of our standard program can be customized in size, materials and surfaces to our client`s needs. The execution of individual living ideas, no matter if furniture or trim work is one of our core competence.